Retirement Coaching

RetirementOptionsCertifiedCoach_CertificationSeal  How will you define the next chapter of your life?
Whether you are looking towards retirement, already retired or think the word itself should be retired, The Retirement Options© coaching program will help you identify and evaluate options for a successful and enriching retirement life.

How will a retirement coach work with you?
We use the Retirement Options© Retirement Success Profile (RSP)©, an instrument which measures 15 lifestyle and attitudinal factors that contribute to retirement success. It identifies strengths and weaknesses and compares where you are now and where you would like to be in the future. We then help you develop a plan to move toward those future goals, and to achieve a new, personally healthy and constructive lifestyle.

The benefits of working with a retirement coach
• Personal coaching from a trained retirement professional
• Provides a clear picture of your retirement standing
• Helps formulate “next step actions”
• Positions you for heightened personal meaning
• Helps avoid costly retirement “mistakes”
• Helps crystallize your retirement vision
• Confirms retirement plans

What is Retirement Options?

Retirement Options was founded in 1989 by Dr. Richard P. Johnson to help individuals, couples and groups lead enriched lives in their retirement years through pre-retirement assessment and life-planning. He coined the phrase ‘retirement life-planning’ and began the practice of non-financial preparation for retirement. Today, Retirement Options is the leader in retirement coach training with a worldwide network of over 600 professionals serving individual, couple and group clients. Its network of trained professionals help people look beyond the ‘dollars & cents’ of traditional retirement planning and focus on career, family, wellness and personal development options.